Find all open source software
in your codebase.

Deliver complete SBOM reports with confidence for greater license compliance and security without disrupting your productivity.


FossID Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tools and expertise are trusted by enterprise software teams worldwide.

Detect all open source down to snippet level.

Find all open source software in your repositories from complete matches to small snippets – including identification of vulnerable code snippets.

Ingest and generate complete SBOMs.

Create complete Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs) including license text, copyright statement, vulnerabilities and more in SPDX or Cyclone DX formats.

License compliance is getting more complex every day.

With FossID, you get a complete view of your open source software along with corresponding license requirements and security vulnerabilities. Our flexible technology and expert services help you minimize risk and without impacting development productivity.

Unleash the business impact of generative AI.

Enable your development team to safely leverage open source software and generative AI coding tools. These code assistants are trained on vast amounts of open source software. FossID allows you to identify snippets of open source in your codebase frequently generated by AI.

Maximize open source software and AI code adoption with confidence and efficiency.

Snippet-Level Detection

Find even the smallest fingerprint of copy-pasted open source code across all your codebase.

Ease of Use

Drag-and-drop a folder, copy-paste a block of code, or define projects for scanning.

Seamless Integration

Our API and CLI allow you to integrate FossID into your existing tools and processes.

Flexible Deployments

Easily accommodate cloud, air-gapped and on-premise deployment requirements.

Qualified Reporting

Generate comprehensive SBOMs in SPDX or CycloneDX format along with Notice and License files.

Protect Your Source Code

FossID creates a cryptographic hash of your code and so does not need access to your source code.

Case Studies

Open Source Audit Services

Successful software composition analysis requires not only powerful technology but also human expertise as well. Our team of experienced auditors can help you accelerate your success. FossID provides complete open source audits as well as services that help you get the most out of the product such as baselining and virtual open source auditor assistance.

Powered by the Industry-Leading Open Source Software Knowledgebase

FossID Software Composition Analysis tools and audit services are more effective because of our industry-leading open source software knowledgebase. Curated and updated weekly by our dedicated research team, it includes more than 3 Petabytes of data on open source components, software licenses, and vulnerable code snippets from dozens of public sources.


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Vulnerable Code Snippets


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