Open Source Compliance for DevOps

The Software Composition Analysis Tool of the Future

What if you could speed up innovation by giving your developers full confidence in using open source software that is in line with your corporate policiesTry our new tool for free and tell us what you think!

Finally a SCA Tool Supporting Developers at the Commit Level

We have developed a smart SCA tool, purpose-built to fully support your team in your daily development activities. It plugs into your CI/CD pipeline and detects and mitigates license compliance and security risks associated with open source software, enabling you to take full advantage of it. It provides immediate feedback on the latest commits or monitors a git repository if a CI is unavailable.

This gives your developers the power to manage OSS compliance on their own without being slowed down by external audits and frees time of the compliance teams better spent on creating new and better OSS strategies.


Feature Highlights

  • Compliance and security issues discovered at the commit level
  • Detects snippets and code modifications
  • Detects license text modifications
  • Dependency analysis
  • Reports OSS components used in the scanned software
  • Automated audits

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