Open source poses a risk only if you do not know about it

FOSSID detects open source in your code base even if it is not declared in package manifests

Precise Results

Get the most accurate reports thanks to the biggest Knowledge Base in the industry, which identifies the true origin of your code, instead of leaving you with incomplete scan results or inaccurate lists of endless matches.

Lightning Fast Scans

FOSSID’s extreme code search algorithm scans files in milliseconds. That’s up to 1000 times faster than the competition. Thus introducing no time penalty in your development cycle.

Safe and Private

Your code is never uploaded or sent to the server. For maximum privacy and reliability, FOSSID can be deployed entirely within your work network so that performing scans does not involve any external dependencies or traffic outside your network premises.

Seamless Integration

Whether as stand-alone tool or within a continuous integration environment, FOSSID’s lightweight Linux or Windows clients can be incorporated seamlessly into your development process.

Why Is License Compliance Important?


Open source is the key to software productivity and quality. It represents a major competitive advantage when used correctly, but high demand for usage and rapid adaptation often cause companies to struggle with due diligence and identification of open source components in a code base.


Scan Your Software

It is impossible to know what is in your code base without a systematic process for identifying and tracking open source.

Mitigate The Risks

Use of unidentified open source components may lead to license violations which can result in costly litigations and intellectual property losses.

How Does FOSSID Help You?

FOSSID is a software solution that integrates in your development process seamlessly and detects all footprints of free and open source software (FOSS) in your code base, from entire components to code snippets. FOSSID uncovers license obligations and compliance issues so that you can focus on what provides most value to your customers.


Entire Components

Quickly identify folders, libraries, archives or binaries


Full Files

Discover full file matches in your code base


Code Snippets

Find smaller open source footprints like copy-pasted code

Too Good To Be True?

We have the most advanced open source identification software and we can prove it to you.