Oskar Swirtun

Co-Founder and CEO

Oskar Swirtun (M.Sc) is co-Founder and CEO at FossID. Oskar has held senior leadership positions at global, corporations in business development, marketing, sourcing, and in R&D organizations. Prior to FossID, Oskar was President and Board Member of the OpenFastPath Foundation. An open source collaboration project to develop a high-performance IP stack. Oskar is an expert in open source compliance management, business expansion, partner development, product marketing, and change management.

Jon Aldama

Co-Founder & CTO

Jon Aldama (M.Sc.) is co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer at FossID. Jon has profound engineering background, having worked with open source software compliance in large corporations as FOSS advisor and evangelist. Jon is an expert in product development, strategy, and positioning, and has extensive hands-on experience from software compliance tools integration and deployment. Jon was in the advisory board of the Yocto Project during 2015-2016, and has traveled the world educating large audiences in FOSS compliance.

Matías Juárez Melgarejo

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Matías Juárez Melgarejo (M.Sc.) is co-Founder and Lead Developer at FossID. Matías has a diverse software development background from several years having worked for governmental agencies and companies in several countries. He has extensive knowledge and experience from working with free and open source compliance processes and tools. For many years, Matías has modeled processes and created tools that have been adopted and have become the standard in many large corporations.

Foteini Papiri

General Counsel & VP Sales

Foteini Papiri (Ph.D.) is General Counsel and VP Sales at FossID. Foteini holds a Ph.D. in Law and has extensive experience from both academia and the private sector. Her expertise covers business and corporate development, intellectual property and software licensing. Prior to joining FossID, Foteini served in several strategic positions in the ICT industry, where she orchestrated and successfully negotiated complex global deals with key players in the industry, as well as led commercial work in cross-border M&A transactions.

Fredrik Ehrenstråle

VP Marketing

Fredrik Ehrenstråle (M.Sc.) is VP Marketing at FossID. Fredrik has a background in complex sales in large global accounts selling professional services, niche software applications, and turnkey software system solutions. Being an engineer at heart, Fredrik holds two U.S. patents in signal processing. In his marketing capacity, Fredrik has implemented marketing strategies, delivered marketing programs and platforms, and liaised with media and advertising partners to grow international software business.

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