High Performance and Accuracy in Code Analysis Services – Case Study

FossID powers BearingPoint’s FOSS compliance services, providing customers with in-depth analyses for their business decisions.


A global, independent management and technology consultancy

BearingPoint is an independent management and technology consultancy with European roots and a global reach. The company operates in three business units: The first unit covers the advisory business with a clear focus on five key areas to drive growth across all regions. The second unit provides IP-driven managed services beyond SaaS


Delivering timely and confidential open source governance services

BearingPoint’s modular FOSS services provide companies with streamlined processes and infrastructure to deploy, manage, and govern their software throughout the product lifecycle, helping them to manage open source compliance and security

BearingPoint’s FOSS analysis services provide a timely and confidential analysis of the customers’ code base, including comprehensive compliance and security reports for their business decisions.


Accuracy, performance, and confidentiality by FossID

FossID helps companies achieve maximum FOSS adoption efficiency by introducing tools that provide high levels of accuracy, performance, confidentiality, and automation

FossID’s code scanner incorporates one of the most comprehensive knowledge bases on the market, currently referencing some 78 million open source projects, 600 billion snippets, and 120 thousand vulnerable projects – machine harvested to continously be up to date with the fast-paced open source software evolution. The AI-enabled scan engine provides fast, accurate scan results, finding occurrences of open source software down to the snippet level and identifies their corresponding licenses and license obligations, including security vulnerabilities and their remediation


Lightweight deployment and accurate results

After successfully cooperating in selected projects since more than 2 years, BearingPoint chose FossID as its strategic provider of open source analysis tools. FossID’s
technology provides high performance and accuracy in the code analysis services performed by BearingPoint


Speed, accuracy, and snippet identification

  • Fast scan results
  • High scan accuracy
  • Precise identification down to snippet level

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