To the most initiated audience, FOSSID is already a known phenomenon. You might have seen us at an open source software compliance event, or maybe heard our name through the grape vine from a customer who transitioned to us from a competing vendor. But who are we? This blog post gives an answer.

FOSSID Founded by Experts in the Field

Already in 2001, when open source was still uncharted territory met with part skepticism, part caution, FOSSID co-founders defined the open source directive of a large telecom equipment manufacturer.

As the years went by, they became software compliance experts and advisors in compliance audits of own code and suppliers’ code. They became seasoned users of the existing open source software compliance tools available on the market, and became aware of the limitations in scanning speed performance and reference database sizes, and the inflexibility by which the tools could be integrated into the development processes.

In 2016, they came to talk about their respective experiences, and put their ideas of addressing the challenges they had seen on paper. The company FOSSID was born, to try the commercial viability of their vision.

Enabling the Industry to Embrace Open Source to the Fullest

Based on a firm belief in the strength of open source software as the enabler for innovation and rapid growth, companies still need to be in control of the adoption process and have full understanding of what licenses to comply with. FOSSID tackled open source software adoption not only from a legal perspective, but also from an engineering perspective, taking a new approach with quality-of-service and performance in mind. 

A knowledge base was built by crawling all known code repositories in the world, and a purpose-built search algorithm was developed, capable of finding modified files as well as copy-pasted code snippets, with the intelligence to remove redundant results from each scan. To date, the FOSSID knowledge base contains more than 20 times more projects than the closest competitor, with 100 times faster scans. 

Early Industry Adoption and Rapid Growth

FOSSID rapidly proved to have commercial viability, to the extent that external capital has not been necessary to raise. Already in the first year of operation, three Fortune 500 companies pioneered as FOSSID tools and services customers, and ever since, new, large corporations have joined them, forming a 200% year-on-year revenue growth.

In 2018, FOSSID passed the 30 employees mark, and has offices in Sweden, Romania, and Japan and global customers in the U.S., Europe, Japan, and China.

Let us help you with your open source software compliance.