FOSSID, the Open Source and Security Vulnerability Management Pioneer, Launches Partnership with OSBC, the Leading Open Source Company in South Korea, to Address South Korean Market Needs


SEOUL, KOREA, February 4, 2020 — FOSSID, the Open Source and Security Management Pioneer with advanced identification technology and innovative search algorithms, will enter the Korean market as of this year.

OSBC, a corporation specializing in open source governance and consulting, announced today that it has partnered with global open source innovator FOSSID and will launch FOSSID’s flagship solution in Korea. OSBC will lead the overall domestic business including sales, marketing and technical support for FOSSID’s solution.

OSBC is an open source company with 14 years of open source knowledge and expertise. In January 2020, OSBC declared its second leap forward to become an open source integrated solutions company and haschanged its name from BDSK to OSBC. Since its establishment in 2006, it has introduced the importance of open source security and compliance risk management for the first time in Korea, and has provided open source management solutions and consulting services. Through various activities such as publishing an open source governance guide and holding a global open source conference annually, it has established itself as the zenith in the domestic open source industry. It has a network of leading companies in all industries including electronics, SI, telecommunications, defense, games, internet, automotive and finance. Through this alliance with FOSSID, OSBC will present an efficient approach to the correct use of open source software as they continue to actively expand their customer base.

OSBC has entered into this partnership that appreciates FOSSID’s long-term sustainable growth vision and product innovation. FOSSID has entered into this partnership because of OSBC’s leading position in one of the most interesting and expansive markets in the world.

Open source software has been emerging as the mainstream in the software industry. Therefore, proper useof open source software has direct and indirect effects on strengthening corporate competitiveness. For more efficient use and management of open source, we will provide an innovative open source software management system leveraging FOSSID solutions.

Taek-Wan Kim


Founded in Sweden in 2016, FOSSID has experienced a tremendous business growth of 200% Year-on-Year, and has been recognized for its technology innovation and investment value. Headquartered in Sweden, FOSSID has several offices in Europe, Asia and U.S.A, and has an impressive record of Fortune100 and Fortune500 reference customers in most industries, ranging from software/IT, to finance and banking, to automotive, and telecom.

FOSSID is a solution for open source security and compliance management. It is a software composition analysis tool that detects and identifies open source prevalence in source code, together with security vulnerabilities in each component, file, and snippet. This helps companies stay compliant with open source license obligations, keeps their products and services secure, and minimizes business and legal risks.

In particular, FOSSID’s advantage is that it has the largest open source knowledge base in the market. The FOSSID knowledge base is machine harvested from all the world’s known open source repositories, to ensure maximum coverage, and keeping an up-to-date representation of all the evolving open source projects. FOSSID currently includes 78 million open source projects in the knowledge base, making it possible to offer customer a truly comprehensive detection and identification capacity.

FOSSID’s scan engine is purpose-built for accuracy and speed and uses Artificial Intelligence to eliminate false positives. It can analyze more than 70 files per second, and is accessed either through a web application for manual intervention, or through a CLI (Command Line Interface) for easy automation and integration into the development process (CI/CD).

Compared to existing solutions that detect security vulnerabilities in open source projects and versions, the FOSSID Vulnerability Snippet Finder (VSF) is revolutionary in its precision. The VSF tells users exactly which lines of code (or “snippets”) that introduce vulnerabilities, and identifies their origin and remediation.

Adjacent to its product line, FOSSID also offers open source audit services. The services are particularly popular in mergers and acquisitions transactions scenarios, or when needs to validate deliveries from companies’ supply chains arise. The service is called “Blind Audit” due to the fact that FOSSID doesn’t need to see the source code of the audited company. Instead, the digital signatures of the source code (which are impossible to reverse engineer) are used for the audit. The audits are thus performed under the utmost confidentiality, and the source code is never exposed to unnecessary parties.

Our mission is to help companies achieve maximum FOSS adoption efficiency by introducing tools that significantly improve accuracy, performance, privacy and automation. We are excited to enter the South Korean market and together with OSBC we will cater to multiple verticals and deliver tremendous value in open source software intensive products and services.

Oskar Swirtun

Co-Founder and CEO, FOSSID

About OSBC

OSBC is a leading open source company specializing in open source consulting and education. In January 2020, OSBC changed its name from BDSK as it declared its second leap forward to become an open source integrated solutions company. Since its establishment in 2006, it has introduced the importance of open source software security and compliance risk management for the first time in Korea, and has provided open source management solutions and consulting services. It contributes to open source software compliance and governance through collaboration with open source organizations and leading companies in Korea and abroad. For more information, please visit OSBC’s official website


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