As the cornerstone of our digital lives, free and open source software today encompasses billions of source files and millions of projects, and preserving it for current and future generations has become one of the most important efforts of our time.

Open source software represents an economic engine, and touches billions of people around the globe in their daily lives, and affects societies, culture, and history. New lines of code are written by the minute to run the world’s most important computing systems, and when we lose or misplace code, we risk collapsing those systems and disrupting the economy. As a representation of our digital evolution, the code offers future generations a glimpse into the past and can help them understand important social, economic and cultural decisions.

FOSSID Mirrors Software Heritage’s Source Code Archive

FOSSID recently announced its support for Software Heritage, a nonprofit organization aimed at collecting, organizing, preserving and sharing all publicly available open source code. An agreement is signed, where FOSSID establishes the first independent mirror of Software Heritage’s source code archive – currently the largest in the world. 

The Software Heritage archive already contains about 5 billion unique source code files and 900 million commits, retrieved from more than 80 million software projects. This nonprofit, neutral repository for free and open source code has never been more relevant or important.

Software is the infrastructure that supports the world in which we live, from the cars we drive to the homes we live in and the way we communicate and conduct business. Inherent in this global, massive code base are technical components that can unlock scientific discovery, industrial progress and cultural change. Our work at FOSSID supports this massive revolution with the world’s largest database for code scanning. Our support for the Software Heritage is a natural move in our commitment to protect and preserve today’s most valuable, shared technologies.

Software Heritage, in Partnership with Unesco

Software Heritage is a non profit organization initiated by Inria, a French research institute for computer science. It is in partnership with Unesco, and has attracted attention from industry leaders, universities, and governmental bodies worldwide. 

The shared vision is that software source code is an important part of our heritage, and that we must collect it, protect it and make it easily accessible to present and future generations. By building a universal and sustainable software source code archive, Software Heritage is creating an essential infrastructure for society, science and industry.

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