From the get-go, we realized that OpenChain would become a driver of great value to entire ecosystems, making open source license compliance more efficient and bringing better confidence to every layer in the supply chain. Having been keen observers and contributors for many years, today we proudly announce us joining OpenChain as the first tooling vendor partner.

The OpenChain Project has grown immensely in the last year and a half. This growth has occurred precisely where we can make the most difference: in the heart of key supply chains such as embedded, mobile and automotive. We are delighted to welcome FOSSID to the OpenChain Partner Program as our first tooling vendor. Not only do they have deep experience in open source, but Oskar and his team have been involved in our project as observers and contributors for several years. I believe our collaboration will help more companies become OpenChain conformant more quickly. I am looking forward to next steps.

Shane Coughlan

General Manager, OpenChain

But what is OpenChain? Simply put, it builds trust in open source by making open source license compliance simpler and more consistent.

The OpenChain Specification identifies the key requirements of a quality open source compliance program. OpenChain Conformance allows organizations to show they meet these requirements. The OpenChain Curriculum supports this process by providing extensive reference material for effective open source training and management. The result is that open source license compliance becomes more predictable, understandable and efficient for all participants in the software supply chain.

The OpenChain Project is developing a compelling commercial partner program to support its core mission of ensuring that any organization, anywhere can adopt OpenChain easily. The partner program operates adjacent to the free online self-certification, free reference material and free access to the OpenChain specification. The goal is to provide user companies the option of obtaining assistance from training, consultancy or tooling entities, from outside law firms and from third-party certification authorities.

We are excited to help companies and organizations become OpenChain conformant through our lightweight and flexible tools!

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