One of the events closest to our hearts is the Open Compliance Summit in Tokyo, December 17-18, 2019. This year we are proud to be Gold sponsors, simply because we are so excited about the topics to be discussed, and the impressive lineup of speakers and attendees.

We will send a delegation of no less than six repreentantives, including our Japanese team, our CEO and CTO, and there will be plenty of opportunities to interact by our sponsor tables, and throughout the Summit.

We will have several things worth looking closer at. If you are curious about the latest evolution of our open source scanner and the advanced snippet search and vulnerability detection capabilities, we welcome you to a demonstration, or just to come by for a datasheet.

If you are interested in our open source audit services, let us know and book a meeting at the show! Or why not attend the talk by CEO Oskar Swirtun on Wednesday, December 18, 14:00 – 14:20 in Conference Room 402N. Read the full title and abstract below!



Speaking session: Wednesday, December 18, 14:00

Supply Chain Compliance of the Future, Scalable, Trusted and Automated

As software becomes more and more ubiquitous and globalization contributes to complex and geographically distributed supply chains, compliance stays more or less the same.

We need to integrate modern tools and workflows into the compliance universe while making sure that we do not force the vast diaspora of actors into a one-size-fits-all. Small research projects will approach compliance differently than large enterprises but in today’s world we might face situations where code from both are integrated in the same software stack.

We propose a vendor-neutral approach based on open standards to create a robust scalable model that allows for flexible and deeply integrated workflows. We also present a concrete example of how such an implementation might look in a way that outsources compliance report generation without exposing any actual source code.

Let us help you with your open source software compliance.