FossID 2.0 – Turning Vision into Reality

As many of you know, in September of 2022 FossID was reacquired by its original founders from Snyk, Inc. Naturally,…

As many of you know, in September of 2022 FossID was reacquired by its original founders from Snyk, Inc. Naturally, one of the first questions one would have is Why? Why did Snyk purchase FossID in 2021 only to spin it out in 2022, and why did the founders of FossID (Oskar Swirtun and Jon Aldama) repurchase the company?

Very reasonable questions, and the answer to these gets to the heart of FossID’s purpose. Snyk had challenges that the FossID technology provided an expedited solution to, so the match was a very good fit. However, in addition to meeting those needs for Snyk, FossID offered a number of additional solutions and services that were (and still are) above and beyond the core focus of Snyk’s business. For example, FossID has developed (and maintains) a very robust managed service providing open source audits for license compliance to organizations involved in mergers and acquisitions (such as private equity firms and serial acquirers). Snyk is laser focused on the delivery of software technology to its clients and managed services are not core to that focus. After considerable evaluation and planning, Snyk and the founders of FossID realized that it was possible to extricate the FossID business out of Snyk (that maintains an interest in the business as a minority shareholder) enabling the FossID team to once again focus on it core principles to the benefit of everyone, especially FossID customers.

At FossID we believe in the power of collaboration. We believe collaboration ignites innovation. We believe that open-source software is the foundation of a more open and equitable society, where anyone can access and use the tools they need to securely create, innovate, and make a difference. By providing organizations with the support and resources they need to take advantage of open-source software, we are helping to create a more inclusive and innovative world.

Our mission is to assist our customers in realizing the power of collaboration. We do this by enabling teams to work together internally and externally, leveraging the potential of open source software, thus, driving collaboration every minute of every day.

FossID’s technology re-assures our customers that all of the open source in a given code base can be identified and the copyright requirements along with security vulnerability information is understood, so that teams can quickly approve projects and deliver results.

We are inspired by the visions our current and future customers are turning into reality. Any small part we can play in helping them achieve their goals is a driving force that motivates us to continue to drive our own ideas into reality. We hope to find a way to help you too!

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