Open Source Compliance and Security

Reinventing Open Source Compliance

How well do you know your software? FossID is a Software Composition Analysis tool that scans your code for open source licenses and vulnerabilities, and gives you full transparency and control of your software products and services.

Open Source Compliance & Security

FossID’s tools integrate in your development process and detects and identifies pieces of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in your code base, down to the smallest code snippet. FossID uncovers license obligations and compliance issues so that you can focus on creating great products.

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Open Source Audits

FossID’s audit services provide accurate and timely open source analyses under the highest confidentiality, perfect for technical due diligence, M&A transactions, supplier audits, and more. Get a complete software bill of materials with dependencies, security vulnerabilities and more now!

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Understanding Open Source Software License Fragmentation

What is license fragmentation and how should we relate to it? In our open source audits we have encountered 1700+ software licenses, and see a whole new category of licenses emerge, called ”source-available”. Join us for a free webinar about software license fragmentation where we analyze and discuss this topic with examples and lessons learned from our most recent open source audits.

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