Met FOSSID at the Open Source Strategy Forum 2019

FOSSID contributes to the acceleration of innovation in financial services through adoption of open source software, and is sponsoring the FINOS Open Source Strategy ForumNovember 20th in New York City.

​Get to know your software! Or that of the business you are considering to acquire. 

In our “Blind audits”, we perform open source audits remotely without ever seeing the source code. 

We use the market’s most comprehensive knowledge base to give you the most accurate results possible.

Oskar Swirtun

Oskar Swirtun


Oskar is the co-founder and CEO of FOSSID. Talk to Oskar about open source audits, open source compliance and related tools, partnerships and more!

Ronnie Lindgren

Ronnie Lindgren

Director of Sales

Ronnie is the Director of Sales & Business Development North America at FOSSID. Talk to Ronnie about open source audits, open source compliance, and more.

Speaking session – 1:30pm – Stage #5

The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Open Source Compliance

The explosive growth and use of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is a great catalyst for rapid development and standardization, but can introduce unnecessary risks and costs if engineers are not properly trained and do not have access to essential tools and information when incorporating open source software components into the products they build. 

For organizations to innovate and produce new groundbreaking financial products and services, they need to master open source software adoption with comprehensive and efficient compliance controls. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the key to delivering on that promise. 

In this session, we’ll introduce the audience to the compliance complexities of open source software and how AI can simplify processes, lower cost, and reduce risks in software development. We’ll also share examples of how AI can help do this at scale, for example, during an M&A transaction where it is important to know the exact details of the software you acquire and have full control of the origins and licensing terms. 

Using AI, M&A audits can be performed quickly and accurately under the utmost confidentiality, with tools that provide high degrees of accuracy, performance, privacy and automation. 

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