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Our Team

We are group of intrepid engineers and open source experts

Our Story

We are a team of entrepreneurs that has been working with free and open source software (FOSS) and license management since 2001. We count with vast experience in open source development practices, license compliance and patent protection.

After a decade working with FOSS in the corporate world, we gained unique industry insight. We learned to understand the sensitivity with which open source licenses are to be treated, and the complexity involved with license compliance in the modern world, where software developers are as likely to use existing free and open source software as they are to implement their own.

Having worked with many existing FOSS management tools for years, we realized that the exponential growth of open source was creating a service gap that no tool could fulfill. As a result, with quality of service and performance in mind, we started building a knowledge base and developing a purpose-made search algorithm that in 2016 became FOSSID, a state-of-the-art FOSS identification solution.

We do this because we believe open source is the main pillar of modern software development, and license compliance is the outstanding challenge that it carries.